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Tie together the Villages at Mt. Hood  , Brightwood to Government Camp and the Mt Hood and regional recreation resources, with family walking, biking, hiking, and equestrian community trails and recreation resources to improve quality of life and enhance the economic development of the area.

Mt. Hood Chamber Volunteer "Thanks!" Breakfast

December 2, 2014

The annual Chamber Thank-you breakfast to recognize volunteers in the community was held Dec. 2.
I've put up the
       summaries for all the key volunteer groups

"Share the Road" Signs Swiped

May 2013
The Clackamas County "Share the Road" signs have been removed from Barlow Trail and Lolo Pass roadsby parties or parties unknown.

If you see any trace of the signs in the woods, river, or on Craig's List, or hear about it in passing conversation, please let
Mike Bezner
Clackamas County
know right away.

Help Create a
Beginner to Intermediate Mtn Bike Challenge Park!

The Barlow Trail Association is very happy that it got the BLM to pick up and create the Sandy Ridge Trail System (might have been a bit sooner is BLM Rec mgr,  Laura Dowlan, hadn't grabbed the opportunity to transfer to the Steens).

Now, let's make it more useable for "normal" folk!
See about the BLM survery
==> Must be filled out by Monday, February 18, 2013!

Last Two Miles of Springwater Trail:
We Succeed! Paving this year

Grand Opening Celebration:
February. 1, 2014!! (click for details)

As of 2013-1202 Portland Wheelman Touring Club had newsletter pictures
        - see here!

Our project, starting with the November 14, 2006 meeting with Clackamas County et al:
          "What can the Barlow Trail Association
             do to get the Last Two Miles
             of the Springwater Trail Paved"

has been successful! The project is committed and will get done!
see Sandy Post 2013-0529.

Welches Rd, Fairway, Arrah Wanna in TIP!:
We can Succeed! They're Tier 1 Projects!

    Shoulders to be built when funds are available (2015?)!

Our project, starting in 2004 in getting these projects in the CIP, seems to be "maturing" nicely!
          "It is in theTier 1 in the 20 Year TSP!" (well, except Salmon River, but the slide was always a show stopper)
special thanks to the Resort for support the work!

Covered, Multi-Level Bike Rack!

These racks are used in Ashland and are being installed at Southern Oregon University.
For more pictures see
and for information, contact Susan Corwin

Sandy Ridge Mtn Biking
Trails Dedication

Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 9am.
Homestead Rd Gate
E. Barlow Trail Rd west of Brightwood
Google Map
June 4th (National Trail Day) will mark the official dedication of the Sandy Ridge Trail system.
A brochure put out by the BLM describes the planned and completed trails:
       Sandy Ridge Trail System Brochure
       BLM volunteering site
Location: Homestead Road Gate off of E. Barlow Trail Road
Time: 9:00 AM

Bike It! Map is now available!

Bike It! is a full-color, full-size, water resistant map with the entire county on one side and the urban area on the other. The map has lots of information to help bicyclists pick the best routes, whether for work or recreation, including:

The map also highlights 10 suggested recreational bike rides, from seven to 73 miles long, from relatively flat farmland to uphill all the way. Each ride has its own map, ride summary, elevation profile and points of interest.

Barlow Pioneer Camp

September 6 to 14, 2014 9am-4pm

The Barlow Ranger District of the Mt. Hood National Forest will likely sponsor their annual Pioneer History Camp this year September 2013.   The camp will be held at White River Station Campground along the Oregon Trail in the beautiful Cascade Mountains .   The camp is along the Barlow Road , the last overland segment of the Oregon Trail , and the setting is what an 1840's pioneer camp might have looked like.   There is a pioneer wagon, trunk with clothes, tin ware, period dishes, cast iron Dutch ovens, bags of dried foods, and a basket of children's toys from the time period to try out.   Interpreters live in tents, cook in dutch ovens, dress in pioneer clothing, and share the stories of the trail.
  To sign up for an organized field trip, call (541) 467-2291, or the White River Station campground is located along Forest Service road 3530.  For more information or directions, contact the Barlow Ranger District at (541) 467-2291.

for more information on the press release
contact   Laura Pramuk 503-668-1791 or Chris Bentley 503-668-1776

Pictures from previous years

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